HelloStarted doing this yesterday but then the great weather got the best of me. . . So before that happens
Hello membersHere’s the latest announcement of “things” you might be interested in.Enjoy this transition to spring!Next Announcement on or about
Hello WAAL membersHere are the announcements! If you have something to share with your colleagues in the art league send
Well, time flies while waiting for winter to end. Now that spring has sprung here are a few announcements.Next announcement
A day later than I wanted but here it is.A few items to chew on.Next announcement on or about March
Time for the promised “next” announcement.The next one will be on or about March 9. Wow! Hard to believe that
Just a couple days late. Still catching up after being out of town.There are a couple of repeats included.Next announcement
A few items have arrived in the inbox since the last announcement. So here they are!Next announcement probably Feb 4.(give
  Just a few items for this announcement. Next announcement will be on or about October 5.   It would
If you were planning on using PayPal to renew your WAAL membership and/or Web Gallery that part of the WAAL
  Hello Members   Here’s an update from our webmaster about the art league’s website.     A worldwide hack
  Hello members   Well, it seems that the website caught a virus or something else that’s just as sinister