#Worthington Area Art League – announcements 12/12/17#

A few mid-week items. First is about the guests at the Holiday Potluck. Maybe you have some surplus items to donate.

And then there are just a few other items to share.

Merry Christmas – Happy New Year and – Many Happy Holidays to everyone!

If nothing else shows up before 12/22 this will be the last announcement until 2018.


>>>> Some Holiday Potluck Information

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the VA and meet with the group of artists who make up the Council for the Veteran’s Art Initiative. Brian and Connie Johnston came along with me.

The program is less than a year old and the progress they have made is amazing. The program includes music, visual arts, theater, writing and more. One of the women vets shared the experience of turning her uniform into paper and how moving the process was. Plus the workshop helped solidify the group and their mission. Her description of the event brought tears to my eyes.

Recently the vets worked with Ohio State students and shared memories and thoughts about their military experiences. The students turned those words into a play which debuted about a month ago to rave reviews.

They have great plans for the future and great energy, I know you will be moved and impressed by the veterans joining us for our annual Holiday Potluck.

The veterans could use the following art supplies for their Art Pantry. There will be box to put them in at the dinner.

Sketch pads (any size)
Drawing pencils (any kind)
White Drawing erasers
Brushes (any)
Paints (any)
Wood panels for painting (any size)
Canvas (large ones have been requested)


Ruth Ann Mitchell
Vice President


>>>> And the January meeting is not the usual location! Make a note now.

The January monthly meeting
will be a special off site meeting at the
McConnell Art Center for the reception of the
“3 Points In Time” exhibit
that 20 of our Worthington Area Art League members will be exhibiting their art.”

37 artists submitted – 52 sets of work (some submitted more than one set)

McConnell Arts Center
777 Evening Street
Thursday, January 11, 6:30-8:00 (main gallery)
Brian Johnston (judge for awards)


Jane Celehar, Deb Haller, Scott Galloway, Katherine Crowley, Ernest Lockridge, Sherry Mullett, Rod Hayslip, Nancy Vance, Marilyn Bedford, Karen Rush Jones,
Linda Coe, Sheryl Lazenby, Jane Flewellen, Elizabeth Veldey, Diane Bauman, Carol Hershey, Janet Painter,
Bill Westerman, Diana Andrews, and Vivian Ripley

The original paperwork mentioned that the MAC would notify the folks that where selected and didn’t say anything about contacting those that didn’t get accepted. The list above is what I was given and from what I have seen of our members talent, it must have been a very difficult decision.
If you have any questions, please let me know. Diana mla7962@aol.com <mailto:mla7962@aol.com>


>>>> art at the arnold deadline approaching 12/15

For more information and additional entry forms visit:

Pertain Gillespie
Co-Chair Art At The Arnold
Buckland Gillespie Graphic Design
pertain@bucklandgillespie.com <mailto:pertain@bucklandgillespie.com>

and see two attachments


>>>> Happy Holidays



Well, that looks like the end of this stack of announcements.

And if nothing arrived by 12/22 it will be the last one for 2017.

Happy New Year!

the end

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