• Bob Tanner

Bob Tanner’s life journey has been a continuing experience of art in both study and creation. His artistic talents range from metal sculpture and architecture to his passioned medium—oil painting. He has studied under Robert Chadeayne, Charles Csuri and Erwin Frey while a student at The Ohio State University. His diverse and evolving art interest span 43 years as he considers himself the ever learning art student.Now retired, Bob’s entire professional career was focused on art. His early days as an illustrator for North American Aviation provided experience with technical and commercial art. His 35 years with Battelle Memorial Institute further developed his talents working as a graphic designer, illustrator and Art Director. Upon retirement he was responsible for the creative and production materials produced by Battelle in pursuit of Government and Industrial contracts. During his tenure with Battelle he was the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for outstanding illustrations, graphics and publications. Today many of his oil paintings are inspired by the personal experience of travel throughout the country. dogtag1@msn.com