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Alan Sippel

I grew up in a home where there were always artists present. My mother was an art teacher as well as a practicing artist. Art theory and history came as early as nursery rhymes. I can remember my younger brother sitting in his high chair with a mound of "real" clay before him on the tray and the injunction to create. As children, we were never excluded from adult conservations about line and color and composition.

Ann Kete
Barbara Rores

As an aspiring artist, I received my formal art training at the Philadelphia Museum School and at the University of Buffalo. I work in oil paints and colored pencils. As a resident of Western New York, I was very active in many art societies. I was an organizer of the River Walk Arts Festival of Tonawanda, New York.

Charles Rowland

A watercolor artist for over 40 years he is both an active artist and teacher.  His work has won many awards in Ohio area exhibitions and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States. His work is represented by The Canoe Club Gallery, Port Clinton, Ohio, The Terra Gallery, Dublin, Ohio and various exhibitions around the state. He is past President of the Worthington Area Art League, a signature member and past secretary of the Ohio Watercolor Society, Central Ohio Watercolor Society, Central Ohio Plein Air Painters and the Worthington, Ohio Art League.
He was featured in the February/March 2004 article “Master Painters of the USA” in International Artist Magazine. His painting “In the Port of Marseille” was selected by North Light Publishers for inclusion in “SPLASH 19-The best of Watercolor”.
A selection of his paintings and drawings can be found on his website at:

Christina Gamble

I have been a watercolor artist for over thirty years. While studying at The Ohio State University to become a nurse, I took several fine arts classes. Since then I have studied watercolor with many well-known artists. My paintings have appeared in several exhibitions in Central Ohio, and I have received awards in several shows. One of my paintings is permanently on display in the lobby of The Ohio State University College of Nursing. I like using watercolors with a lot of pigment saturation in order to create vibrant colors. Most of my paintings are landscapes of actual places.

Christina Gamble
cgamble@columbus.rr. com

Ernest Lockridge

Ernest Lockridge is author of five books, including three novels. His most recent book is TRAVELS WITH ERNEST, co-authored with his wife and fellow Worthington Area Art League member Laurel Richardson. He was a member of the faculty at Yale University and the Ohio State University where he is now Professor Emeritus of English. Ernest made his first painting after receiving a set of Sargent Oil Paints for his eighth birthday

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Inga H Smith

I received a Brownie camera for my 10th birthday and I was immediately bitten by the photography bug. I have been interested in photography ever since. For quite a few years I took pictures only for my own enjoyment until friends started telling me I should “do something with these pictures”. Since then, I have combined my love of photography with my love of travel, using those opportunities to share my view of the world through pictures. In addition to fine art work, I use my photos to produce greetings cards, magnets, notebooks, mugs and coasters. A self-taught photographer, I rely on my eye and my instincts to capture the images I like. I hope others like them too.

Photos by Inga

Jane Moore

Jane holds a BAS in fine arts from Bowling Green State University. Beyond that she has studied with various instructors in the Columbus area. She has been showing work with WAAL for 15 years. She also shows with Ohio Plein Air Society and Central Ohio Plein Air. Her work has been shown at the MAC in Worthington, Ohio State House, Rhodes Tower in Columbus, Springfield Art Museum, The Arts Castle in Delaware, the Sidney Arts Council, and in Sayama, Japan. She can be contacted at

Janet Forbes-Green

It amazes me how things can come full circle in one’s life.  In 5th grade I won top award for a picture I made using drops of melted crayons to portray a flower.   It was on display in the art museum in Madison, Wisconsin, where I was living at the time.  Presently I am retired from teaching and needed a hobby.  I started playing around with crayon art and came up with a three-dimensional art using melted crayon as the background and polymer clay for the scene then an acrylic cover.  The lesson I’m learning is, it is never too late to play with crayons, or, be creative and find new uses for old things.

Jeanie Auseon

I currently work with permanent dyes on cloth using "wet"
and "dry" processes. The serendipitous, complex interactions of liquid dyes on cloth "free" me from the intent to produce literal images. The use of labor-intensive, process-driven approaches challenges me to create illusions of movement, balance, and depth on a 2-D surface.

Jerry Smith

I've been an artist virtually all my life. I began to make a living at it as an apprentice sketch artist for a local sign company at the age of 18. From the beginning art has been exciting to me. It is like a puzzle. the pieces, color, light, concept and narrative. Putting it all together brings a profound sense of personal satisfaction.

Joan Fistick

Joan Fistick's watercolor paintings are inspired by her travels and include pastoral landscapes and scenes of people at leisure.

Joni Meeker

Joni Meeker

“Rude Roy’s Pottery”


Judith Bellasari

I’ve always been interested in art, the use of space, the interplay of shapes and the effects of color and light. I began photography early and won a contest and a Brownie camera at age ten. As a teacher of French and Russian, I frequently traveled to Europe both on my own and leading groups of students and adults, taking photographs wherever we went. I enjoy capturing views that others might miss, views that delight me and give a flavor of the surrounding culture. Now retired, I have been able to expand my travel and explore other continents. My photographs are in private and corporate collections in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Colorado, New York and Florida.

Katherine Crowley

I create  oil color paintings, bronze sculptures, and mixed media works. My approach to painting utilizes bold colors and strong forms with a strong graphic appeal. My approach to sculpture employs lyrical movement and a combination of textures. I view my work as a way of conveying a narrative; frequently drawing influence from childhood memories and personal experiences, which I couple with traditional symbolism and personally significant precious objects.

Kathryn Bubenchik

Kathryn or “Kat” was too busy climbing trees, chasing cats, dogs, lizards - only to hug them - swimming, diving, playing tennis, running track or anything else athletic.  She was generally outside if the sun was up in the sky.  She was quite the “Tomboy.”  It wasn’t until later in life, after marriage, raising kids, and working that she discovered the world of art.  That was after she moved from California to Columbus in 1998.  It was then that she became interested in art, drawing & painting prayer mandalas for family and friends left behind when she and her husband, Tim, moved.  After retiring from her career in 2012, she became engulfed in art, spending many hours in the art room.  She has taken many courses, classes and private lessons to expand her resources.  Art has become very near and dear to her. 

Kathryn Bubenchik
N2IT Art Mediums:  Abstract - Acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pencil, colored pencils, prayer mandalas / 614-562-5005

Kitty Konicsak

I have a lifelong interest in art. In the course of my travels, I studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Slade School of Fine Arts in London. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from McGill University in Montreal and an M.A. degree with a major in Painting from Ohio State University.

Linda Coe

Graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design, member of Worthington Area Art League and Central Ohio Watercolor. I strive to make my work a representation of light and life. I have been in exhibitions in Columbus, Worthington, Alexandria, + had work that has traveled throughout Ohio. You may reach Linda at 614-505-1287 /

Michael Cooley

I’m a classical artist, portraitist, medical artist and founder of Cooley Studios. I started drawing at 5, accepted portrait commissions at 16. I studied drafting in High School, earned my BSc. Degree in Medical Illustration from The Ohio State University School of Allied Medicine, MFA in Illustration from Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford in Connecticut and post graduate studies in classical art under Marvin Mattelson in NYC. My goal is to produce the best natural realist art I can, share it with the world and pass my skill and knowledge to anyone willing to learn. To study classical drawing and oil painting with me, contact Cooley Studios (www., 614-547-7900.

Robert Hinkle

Robert L. Hinkle-Worthington Art and Model Boat Works of Worthington, Ohio
Robert is a native Ohioan, currently living and has a studio in Worthington Ohio. He spent four (4) years serving in the US Navy submarines. Upon graduating from San Diego State University in Electrical Engineering, after a career in the computer industry, he painted many Western scenes, built many model ships and dabbled in intaglio.

Ruth Ann Mitchell

Ms. Mitchell’s works are an exploration of time and place as they impact the psyche.  Her early paintings were about re-connecting with the childhood joy of being immersed in a project and losing any sense of passing time. 
Currently the artist’s exploration of time and place reflects life changes and expressions of her geographical surroundings, both past and present. The textures and designs echo the diverse landscapes she passes through, both in her life and her travels. 
Her work is in private collections in Chattanooga, TN, Columbus, Ohio and through the United States.

Sally Molnar

I am Sally Molnar, a watercolor artist. I started taking drawing and watercolor painting classes at Whetstone Recreation Center in the early eighties. I was in the ceramic clay classes at that time and wanted to do more decorative work on my ceramic pieces. I have also taken classes at the Cultural Arts Center.

Sherry Mullett

Sherry earned a BFA in art from Kent State University, and taught high school art prior to earning a Ph.D. in Education administration at the University of Virginia. After returning to Ohio to work in community education, she opened a studio and resumed painting, while taking classes at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Her award-winning work has been included in numerous local, regional, and state, juried and curated art shows.

Sheryl Lazenby

Sheryl Lazenby is a contemporary artist and photographer. Her artistic investigations began at a young age and were encouraged by her family. Her grandfather, Girard Bradshaw, had been a student watercolorist John Pike. He taught her how to look for and see color and light. They would travel throughout Connecticut in search of interesting landscapes and beautiful light. Today, Sheryl travels throughout Ohio in search of the same; only instead of sketching and painting, she captures these moments with her cameras - one of which has been permanently converted for infrared.

Along with her photography, Sheryl is passionate about street art and chalk painting. She enjoys working on a large scale and having visitors ask questions while she works. Look for her at at Chalk About It in May - Dayton, OH and Eastonʼs Chalk-the-Block in September. She can also be found working with COPA on Saturdays weather and schedule permitting!!

Vivian Ripley

Vivian is an accomplished artist of quite varied subject matter; but inherent in all her works is the beauty of color and how it is affected by light and shade. She works in pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil--always striving to achieve beauty in each medium through her emotional use of color and tone. Vivian has been professionally active in group and individual shows since 1975. She regularly teaches pastel, portraiture, colored pencil, and is also in demand for demonstrations and workshops in these disciplines as well as in watercolor.

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