Happy New Year! Below are a few items of interesting. Next planned announcement on or about January 25. Don’t forget
It’s time again for the news. Do not forget about the meeting next week on ZOOM!!!! See information below. ------------------------------------------------------
It’s late - - - very late!!! Not much in the inbox but here are the announcement that was supposed
:Only a few items have arrived in the inbox to share with members. Next planned announcement on or about Oct
WAAL Membership membership@worthingtonareaartleague.com www.worthingtonareaartleague.com www.artinview.com
Just a few items sitting in the inbox this morning. The next planned announcement is on or about September 17.
Here’s the latest news! Watch below for the all member CALL FOR ENTRY at the Worthington library. Time is short!
Below are a few announcements that have arrived since the last one. NOTE: the location of the August meeting has
Here are a few items that have arrived since the last announcement. Please note that meetings will be starting up
This announcement is a couple days later than I wanted. But I had a great weekend not worrying about it.
Hope you are all ready for the start of summer! Below are the latest items that have arrived for your
It’s time for more announcements! A few items have arrived since last announcement. If you have something to share with