Here are a few news items that have arrived in the past couple weeks. Remember, if you have something you
Dear Members Here’s the latest and greatest news that you’re anticipating from your fellow members. Don’t forget, if you have
Hello MembersWhat a fun meeting this last time (see some who were at the meeting in attached image). Hope you
Hello membersThis just cannot wait until the next announcement. Some of your fellow members are on exhibit at First Merchants
HelloHope all are staying safe! Interesting challenge ahead for groups like this that love to meet in person. But where
HelloDon’t forget the next meeting is tomorrow!!! The information is below about how we are meeting via ZOOM! If you
Hello membersI said I’d do the next announcement on or about 6/5. That will still happen. But maybe you should
Happy May!Hope everyone is staying safe out there. Here are a few announcements. Next planned announcement will be on or about
Hello MembersThis announcement is coming a couple days earlier than planned. But as we all know these days, plans change,
Good morning!Here are a few items for this installment of announcements. Note there are TWO (2) call for entries included in this.
Wow! Time for another announcement. Not much in the bin. But what’s there is included below. I decided to send
HelloBelow are the items that popped into the membership inbox since last time. Remember to send your announcements to so they