• Katherine N Crowley
Linda Coe

Worthington resident for a total of 37 yrs, Graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design, member of Worthington Area Art League and Central Ohio Watercolor. I strive to make my work a representation of light and life...hopefully creating an awareness of LIFE, that we might otherwise miss. Contact Linda Coe by email: lindamwcoe@gmail.com

Katherine N Crowley

Katherine Crowley graduated from Miami University with a BFA and works professionally in the graphic design field. Ms. Crowley is a painter and bronze sculptor whose work has been exhibited around the world and is held in many private collections. "I work in a variety of media most of which is centered around painting and small sculptural works. My current body of work aims to merge painting with sculpted and found object collections.

Janet Forbes Green

Crayons and clay collection. It amazes me how things can come full circle in one's life. In 5th grade I won top award for a picture I made using drops of melted crayons to portray a large sunflower. It was on display in an art show in Madison Wisconsin. I never forgot about that award over the years, so I started playing around with crayons and came up with a three-dimensional art using melted crayon as background, polymer clay for the scene then an acrylic cover overlay. The lesson I'm learning is, it is never too late to play with crayons, or, be creative and find new uses for old things.

Jane Moore

Vivian Ripley

Vivian is an accomplished artist of quite varied subject matter; but inherent in all her works is the beauty of color and how it is affected by light and shade. She works in pastel, watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil--always striving to achieve beauty in each medium through her emotional use of color and tone. Vivian has been professionally active in group and individual shows since 1975. She regularly teaches pastel, portraiture, colored pencil, and is also in demand for demonstrations and workshops in these disciplines as well as in watercolor. Of particular interest is painting on location. The excitement and involvement with the moment is particularly rewarding. "The whole body, and its senses, is involved with nature because of the urgency to depict an increasingly changing scene," says Vivian. Contact the Artist, Vivian Ripley, at 614-451-6254 for prices.

Joy Ritchie

Joy has an extensive art collection of her admired famous international and local artists, and her collection is on display in her home. "You can hardly see the walls," she says. Busy as her life is, Joy has taken many classes at the Columbus College of Art and Design . Her favorite medium is graphite pencil on paper. Joy is never without her camera, as she takes pride in the original art she creates from her own photographs, and a sketchbook is always within reach. Joy puts her passion and experience to work. After receiving a Friendship of Education Award for an art project in 2000, she became a Docent of the Columbus Museum of Art. As a Board Member of the Worthington Arts Council, she created an "Art in Poetry" workshop for elementary school aged children. The children worked on creative poetry writing enlivened with their own watercolor decoration and illustration.

Barbara Rores

As an aspiring artist, I received my formal art training at the Philadelphia Museum School and at the University of Buffalo. I work in oil paints and colored pencils. As a resident of Western New York, I was very active in many art societies. I was an organizer of the River Walk Arts Festival of Tonawanda, New York. I was juried into the National Women’s Art exhibit and received many awards while a member of Fine Arts League of Buffalo and the Williamsville Art Society. Since moving to Columbus, Ohio I have placed third in the fall 2008 art show and won the People’s Choice Award at the Worthington Area Art League of Worthington, Ohio. I have also placed 2nd at WAAL in the Fall of 2010..In 2009 Fall I had an Honorable Mention award. barbararores@yahoo.com

Elizabeth Veldey

I started painting in retirement. I paint with oil or colored pencil and draw with ink, Copic markers, and graphite. For my images of people, I’m most interested in capturing them when they are busy with their own thoughts or activities and not posing. The horticultural images are from my garden. I produce new colored-pencil pieces annually for the American Hosta Society and its local chapters and create hosta coloring pages for their members. I’ve won awards from Bryn Du and Worthington Area Art League and have been invited to participate in several shows at the McConnell Art Center. Contact me at EVeldeyArt@insight.rr.com or www.Facebook.com/EVeldeyArt

Zofia Wilamowska

Art is my visual language. My focus is on the beauty of the world around us. There is so much beauty in almost anything, in a wild flower, in old trees, in a lake's reflection in light, or in an old man's face, all waiting to be delineated. I choose subjects that are a little bit mysterious, that invoke curiosity, or give peace and serenity. Contact zwilamowska223@gmail.com

Joan Fistick Legacy Gallery

Joan Fistick was world traveler, prolific artist, and a longtime member of the Worthington Area Art League. Selections of artwork made during her travels are presented in this gallery.

Ernest Lockridge Legacy Gallery

Ernest Lockridge was the author of five books, including three novels. His most recent book TRAVELS WITH ERNEST, was co-authored with his wife and fellow Worthington Area Art League member Laurel Richardson. He was a member of the faculty at Yale University and the Ohio State University where he was Professor Emeritus of English. Ernest made his first painting after receiving a set of Sargent Oil Paints for his eighth birthday. For more about the artist visit http://ernestlockridge.net

Sally Molnar Legacy Gallery

Longtime WAAL member Sally Molnar was a watercolor artist. She started taking drawing and watercolor painting classes at Whetstone Recreation Center in the early 1980s. She was in the ceramic clay classes at that time and wanted to do more decorative work on her ceramic pieces. She also took classes at the Pricilla Tyson Columbus Cultural Arts Center. After many classes she felt she was not making any progress and stopped painting. In 1995, she started taking watercolor painting classes at the Franklin Park Conservatory with Chris Curry and rediscovered her love for painting. She enjoyed being creative with her watercolor paintings and liked the way paint flowed when mixed with water, always interesting results. In September 2001 she visited the South of France for 2 weeks with a group of 17 women artists to paint the countryside. It was a wonderful experience which she spoke of often.

Phyllis Rosen Legacy Gallery

Phyllis Rosen - In Memoriam 1942-2019 Phyllis was a passionate artist and enjoyed painting in watercolor. This gallery is a dedication to her work.

Alan Sippel Legacy Gallery

Alan Sippel was a Methodist Minister and lifelong artist. "I grew up in a home where there were always artists present. My mother was an art teacher as well as a practicing artist. Art theory and history came as early as nursery rhymes. I can remember my younger brother sitting in his high chair with a mound of "real" clay before him on the tray and the injunction to create. As children, we were never excluded from adult conservations about line and color and composition. As a family, many of the high holy days of the church were spent in front of appropriate works of art at the Cincinnati Art Museum. At Christmas, we would discuss a Giotto nativity. On Good Friday, we would mediate on an El Greco crucifixion. Art was the language of my childhood and youth. In college and graduate school, I minored in fine arts. And I always felt fortunate to have encountered Vickers and Haycock at Ohio Wesleyan University. But my professional life limited my time for drawing painting. Once retired, I explored that language again. Sometimes, the vocabulary and syntax come back slowly. But trust that sometimes the language of childhood comes back and there is communication once again."