Here are a few news items that have arrived in the past couple weeks. Remember, if you have something you want to share with your fellow members pass it along. Plain text works best. Attached images or documents are fine as long as they are sized for screen viewing (usually less than 1MB in size). Files created for print are usually way too big to share in an email. If there is a website containing the information provide a brief introduction along with the URL of the website. That’s best.
So now on to the news. There’s actually a lot of stuff here!!!
The next announcement on or about: October 2
>>>NEXT MEETING – October Speaker – Photographer and WAAL member, Chuck Zelms
Thursday, October 8, 2020 7PM
Another ZOOM meeting. Login details later. They have been fun. See attached images from last meeting. If you have not yet joined a ZOOM meeting try it, you just might like it.
Chuck’s presentation is titled, ”How did you see that? – What’s in the eye of the photographical beholder”
How does a photographer see things? Why can ten photographers come away with ten vastly different images? Chuck Zelms guides us into the mind of photographer to share what he sees when assessing a subject, how others might see it differently, and why he is inspired by some subjects and not others.
>>>One more week to see the WAAL group show at First Merchant’s Bank, 1460 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212. Show closes Friday, 9/25.
>>>Take Down at First Merchants Bank – Saturday, Oct, 26, 9-10am The bank can accommodate a total of 10 people at a time, including staff and customers. You may be asked to wait a few minutes outside if we are at quota. It shouldn’t take long. Take down will be quick. You’ll need to wear a mask inside the bank.
I could use a couple volunteers – one to help monitor traffic at the door and another to man the step-stool. See you soon. Beth Veldey
>>>> WAAL Survey Do you want to be a part of shaping the future of WAAL? We are conducting a survey about what you value as a member. Your responses will help determine future programming, opportunities for fellowship, and how you want to connect with other members. Please answer our 10 questions at the following link: <>
>>>> WAAL Members on Facebook Justin Collamore and Nancy Vance are participating in the STRADA Easel Challenge. Each day in September they will complete a drawing or painting from life and post it on their Facebook and Instagram pages. We are following along by sharing each entry on the WAAL Facebook page.
Aida Garrity participated in the Oil Painters of America Wet Paint Competition. She shared progress images of her painting “Buzzlight” which we have shared through the WAAL Facebook page.
16 members shared their recent work at our September meeting. We are posting everyone’s pieces on the WAAL Facebook page over the next few weeks.
For those members who use Facebook, you may have recently received a friend request from our president Katherine Crowley. Once you accept the request you will be invited to join both of our Facebook pages: our public page and our members-only page. From there you can keep track of WAAL events, promote your work, and reach out to your fellow members in our private forum.
To follow along with your fellow artists please visit: <> or search @WorthingtonAreaArtLeague
>>>> New to the WAAL Website A new page has been added to the WAAL website. If you were unable to attend our meeting last week a recording of the meeting is available to view at the following link: <> Matt Anderle, Webmaster
>>>> Recommended Reading Bill Westerman recommends the book COLOR, by Victoria Finlay. It reads as a novel rather than a textbook. She is a very adventurous lady who has spent her life pursuing the source and meaning of colors. It is well worth your time. BW
Katherine N. Crowley, President Worthington Area Art League
>>>> Contact Your Board Members
Use the following email addresses to contact your WAAL Board Members. Have an announcement? Send an email to Membership Chair, Chuck Zelms to have it added to our weekly announcements.
President, Katherine Crowley <>
Vice President, Beth Veldey <>
Secretary, Jane Moore <>
Treasurer, Ana Atwood <>
Membership Chair, Chuck Zelms <>
Social Media & Public Relations Chair, Katherine Crowley <>
Local Venues Chair, Janet Forbes-Green <>
Webmaster, Matt Anderle <>
Katherine N. Crowley, President Worthington Area Art League
>>>> Membership renewals
Just over 53% of members have renewed. And there have been 3 new memberships have been processed as well. If you have questions about your membership send an email to <>. Snce the group is not meeting in person you’ll have to use PayPal or send a check in the mail. At this point, those who have not yet renewed have received 1 notice and 1 reminder. The next reminder to those not responding will be the first week of October. No one is moved to the inactive list until December. Get your payment in to avoid that step.
>>>> A word about the Riffe exhibit
Neither Diana nor I have received the needed information from the exhibition coordinator at the Riffe concerning the date in which we are to drop off the paintings. However; would you please remind our members that the exhibition begins: October 27 thru Dec. 3, 2020 at the Riffe Center. Artists will be dropping their work off at Bill Westerman’s home—(6733 Hayhurst Ave., Worthington).
We will pick up the paintings & deliver to the Riffe a few days prior to the opening. Everyone should wrap their work in bubble wrap with all the pertinent
info on the outside. PLEASE INCLUDE: artist’s name, phone number, medium, size, and price (if not for sale, it must be indicated).
Artwork can not be any larger than 20” wide by 30” high
As soon as Diana hears from the coordinator we will need to send out an email to those exhibitors sharing the date & time to drop off their work @ Bill’s home.
>>>> Fibonacci Sequence facts
I’m just going through cleaning out old emails & ran across this & thought others may benefit from it, so I thought I would pass it along to you! Justin Dancing Hawk <>
>>>> Member News
I am honored to be one of Ohio artists chosen to collaborate with The Buzz Maker (you can google it) to sell a set of my original art notecards this month to help Ohio bees.
Joy Ritchie
>>>> From the last meeting, Justin Dancing Hawk explains about the art he shared. Here is part of his email.
I apologize for missing this event! I’m in the midst of moving & have a lot going on. I just watched the video & I want to respond about the comment made regarding my birds being on “Black CANVAS”. That is incorrect! Those works she’s referring to are actually on Scratchboard. I realize a lot of folks don’t seem to be familiar with this medium. It is a masonite panel coated in kaolin clay & then ink. You draw out your image on it – I usually use a white colored pencil. Then you scratch away the black to create the image. By using various techniques, it’s possible to attain gradations in values. It’s much like pointillism in that way! This is a 24” x 36” piece that I did for my “Eagles of the World” series. It won 1st place last year in the Westerville Spring Art Exhibition. The 1st images are the drawn in colored pencil stage. Then I begin scratching out the details as seen in image #2). #3) is a series of close ups so you can see how the overall effect is accomplished. #4) is my reference photo – this is a Martial Eagle. They live in Africa! They are one of the world’s largest & most powerful Eagle species. #5 is the finished work. I created this piece employing the size to emphasize it’s compelling presence. It certainly works! This piece really commands a room! LOL! Since the birds are black & white, I left it without any color. One important aspect of creating a compelling work of Art is to know when to shut up & leave it alone! “Martial Injunction” is this title.
see a couple of his images in the attachments. (to see everything in his email we’ll have to invite him to speak with the group)
THE END five (5) attachments