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>>>> Next meeting: Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021 at 7PM via ZOOM
The speaker will be Tamar Rudavsky, a WAAL member, plain air painter, and OSU professor of philosophy. See here work at Rivers-Edge Gardens and Fine Art <www.tmrudavskyart.com/>
Join Zoom Meeting zoom.us/j/96239702437?pwd=Q2pwdVgrZ245TE5zVldqaUdjZGZCdz09 <zoom.us/j/96239702437?pwd=Q2pwdVgrZ245TE5zVldqaUdjZGZCdz09>
Meeting ID: 962 3970 2437 Passcode: 388449
>>>> Note: Future speakers are listed on the WAAL website under the Calendar tab under Upcoming Events.
www.worthingtonareaartleague.com/upcoming-events/ <www.worthingtonareaartleague.com/upcoming-events/>
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>>>> You might be interested in knowing – from a former member
mailchi.mp/3b5351f9655f/summer-updates-from-robie-benve-art-4819649?e=0c1051347a <mailchi.mp/3b5351f9655f/summer-updates-from-robie-benve-art-4819649?e=0c1051347a>
>>>> News from Aida Garrity
Aida Garrity Artistic Brushstrokes
Lily, Oil, 8×10. Private Collection <link.faso.com/c/443/7a0d64176b786047ba534db670a9cb7de2d65c31c32d18b969b944ab2ba17751> News from Aida’s Art Studio September 2021 Newsletter
I hope you had a great summer and are getting ready for the beautiful and colorful Fall season!
In this issue, I added a couple of paintings from my trip to Monhegan Island in Maine and some paintings from the 30 Day Challenge that will be completed today. The 30 day Challenge consists of a daily collection of 30 oil paintings and drawings that I completed during the month of September 2021.
I hope you will enjoy them. All the paintings are available through my website or you can just send me an email.
Lobster Cove Monhegan Island II, Oil, 8×10 <link.faso.com/c/443/7a0d64176b786047ba534db670a9cb7de2d65c31c32d18b9ad96d0972291fd0f>
A Hint of Manana, Oil, 8×10 <link.faso.com/c/443/7a0d64176b786047ba534db670a9cb7de2d65c31c32d18b9b2b5c00a7e447140>
Coffee Time, Oil, 8×10 <link.faso.com/c/443/7a0d64176b786047ba534db670a9cb7de2d65c31c32d18b9a427fc9916b01e58>
Sunrise in Florida, Oil, 10×20 <link.faso.com/c/443/7a0d64176b786047ba534db670a9cb7de2d65c31c32d18b9db28cc9d8300c3c0>
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