Responsibilities & Job Descriptions of the Board

President – Responsibilites

The President is the general manager and chief executive officer of WAAL and has, subject to the control of the Board, general supervision, direction and control of the business, activities, and officers of WAAL.  Among other things, the President shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that WAAL’s activities are legally compliant and designed to further our mission.
  • Leading WAAL’s volunteers, our organizational culture, and our planning processes.
  • Managing WAAL’s programs, financial practices including budgeting, fundraising activities, and relationships with community partners.
  • Ensuring WAAL maintains reasonable financial and management controls.
  • Supporting the Board and the Committee Chairs to carry out their functions.
  • Ensuring effective communications and advocacy about WAAL, our mission, and our activities.

President – Job Description

  • Officiate at regularly scheduled or ad hoc meetings of the membership (usually monthly)
  • Officiate at scheduled or ad hoc meetings the board (usually monthly)
  • Over see the league’s annual election of new officers.
  • Write a monthly column for the newsletter and other communications, as necessary
  • With the assistance of the board, recruit committee chairs, as needed
  • Manage projects or events as agreed upon with the board

Note: Additional job descriptions will be published soon.