I said I’d do this on or about 6/21 – – – this is a bit late but not much has arrived to share. I guess it’s a quiet time of the year.

Next one will be on or about July 5.

Please use this email when sending things for inclusion in the announcements: membership@worthingtonareaartleague.com


>>>> Next Meeting: Thursday, July 11, 2019 7PM

Griswold Center
777 High St.
Worthington, Ohio

Caitlin McGurk, Associate Curator and Assistant Professor at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, will present “Tell Me A Story Where the Bad Girl Wins: Uncovering the Life and Art of New Yorker Cartoonist Barbara Shermund”.  Caitlin will speak about her experience curating the exhibit and about Barbara’s art, her life, and laying her to rest. The Billy Ireland houses the world’s largest collection of materials related to cartoons and comics, including original art, books, magazines, journals, comic books, archival materials, and newspaper comic strip pages and clippings. 


>>>> Exhibit – Church at Mill Run

Mark Your Calendars for 

The Mill Run Art Show

take-in 9/11/19
reception 9/15/19
take-down 10/30/19.
Joni Meeker and Sylvia Bowers Chair


>>>> Members in the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit (will repeat a few times as names get added)

The list is growing! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted into this exhibit! Some first timers! Way to go!!! If your name is missing send it to me and I’ll add it to this growing list in next announcement.

Rod Hayslip:             See it here:  https://rodhayslip.com/page/8631/events
Andi Wolfe:                two pieces: a 2 X 4 foot painting of Quito, and a carved turning, with a maple leaf motif.
Robie Benve
Dawn Petrill
Pat Howard:                  two paintings
Marcia Lang Canter:    One of my ceramic pieces, Iago
Michelle Geissbuhler:  first time entering, so having three pieces
Justin Dancing Hawk:  1st EVER  experience entering a State Fair!! I got 2 out of 4 entries ACCEPTED!!!


>>>> Members in the news

Linda Coe’s Watercolor:  ‘Scotland Seaport’ was juried into the Ohio Watercolor Society’s Fall Show.  There were 80 works chosen out of 275 entries submitted by 172 artists; juror was Bill Vrscak of Pittsburgh, PA.  The exhibition will be held at the Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield,OH on Sept. 28, 2019 and some work will travel thru-out Ohio during the year.  The artist’s reception will be held from 1:00- to 4:00 PM with a banquet following the annual meeting 


>>>> Opportunity to learn from Aida Garrity

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>>>> meeting minutes:

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>>>> Member Published

Sweet Summer REading: 

Seven Minutes from Home:An American Daughter’s Story (my last published book) has been selected as a Great Summer Read in the Memoir category. My publisher, Brill/Sense, if offering a 25% discount when you order online at brill.com using discount code 71114. Or call (844) 232-3707 (Toll free US and Canada) to speak with a customer service representative (be sure to mention discount code 71114). Or, it is on Amazon. 
The cover is one I designed/photographed…and the content is mostly about Worthington. 



Laurel Richardson


So, I think this is the end. If I missed something resend it and I’ll include it next time. Please send to membership@worthingtonareaartleague.com

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