Hello members! Here’s the latest set of announcements just for you!
Next planned announcement on or about March 19.
>>>> Next Meeting – March 11, 7pm
Join Zoom Meeting us02web.zoom.us/j/82729823825?pwd=S3FLVi96NkJxdlZ5Y0lUU1d5QTJNUT09 <us02web.zoom.us/j/82729823825?pwd=S3FLVi96NkJxdlZ5Y0lUU1d5QTJNUT09>
Meeting ID: 827 2982 3825 Passcode: 091384
Speaker – March 11 – Leah Wong creates large to enormous 3-D installations using hand-cut paper. Leah will talk about her inspirations and process of making art.  Leah’s website <mailto:studio@leahwong.com>
>>>> A Message from the President
We are a little over one month into our “Winter Show”. Because the exhibit is entirely virtual, we are able to track our visitors through our website. Our Webmaster, Matt Anderle reports that since the exhibit opened it has welcomed over 450 visitors. Additionally, 150 people have viewed our Artist Portfolios, and 130 people have toured the Artist’s Virtual Gallery which hosts artwork by those who have web portfolios. All since February 1st! Our presenting artists have made two sales through the “Winter Show” so far, with the better part of month left to make a few more sales. The “Winter Show” remains on view through March 31st. If you have not already, please tell your family and friends to pay a visit by forwarding the following link: www.worthingtonareaartleague.com/waal-winter-show/ <www.worthingtonareaartleague.com/waal-winter-show/>
>>>Upcoming Speakers
April 8 – Leah Gray – Leah works with paper. She started with origami and has created a business that creates botanicals from paper. Her work is currently on display at the Franklin Park Conservatory gallery <www.fpconservatory.org/exhibitions/bringing-reverence-to-nature-an-exploration-of-botanicals-in-paper/> until 5/31/2021. She has a workshop in Columbus – PaperBlooms Design, LLC <www.paperbloomsdesign.com/>. Leah will talk to us about her work and how she created a business of her art.
May 13 – Jeremy Rosario – SEE THIS SHOW BEFORE IT CLOSES MID-APRIL Jeremy is an illustrator who paints. One of his projects is volunteering as a medical translator at the Grace Clinic where he collects wisdom from patients and paints their portraits. Story from the Delaware Gazette <www.delgazette.com/news/88530/painter-showcasing-community-members> This is a book in the making. The portraits are currently hanging in the lobby of the Beeghly Library at Ohio Wesleyen through mid-April. More of Jeremy’s Art <www.facebook.com/jrosario.arte/>
>>>Grant Approved Our application for a grant from the Columbus Arts Council was approved. The $1,374 grant will fund WAAL’s applications to state of Ohio and the IRS to register as a tax-exempt organization. Doing so will make us eligible to apply for additional grants, Kroger funds, and tax-deductible contributions.
>>>> Meeting minutes for February
see attachment
>>>Member Work on Display
Artists at Bryn Du show 3/5 to 3/27, 2021 Congratulations to WAAL artists juried into the annual Bryn Du Art Show. See their work starting March 5. They are Marcia Lang Canter, Linda Coe, Allison Collamore, Justin Collamore (2 pieces!), Jane Flewellen, Angela Gage, Dana Grubbe, Mark Ramsey, Beth Veldey, and Darlene Yeager-Torre. Apologies if I missed anyone.
>>> From member Rod Haysip: I was humbled to find out this week that my plein air painting, “Winesaps”, has been juried into the AIS show to be held in Charleston, SC this coming April. It’s extra special for me since the piece was done at a COPA outing last Fall, in this case, the OSU Waterman Farm. 154 paintings were accepted out of over 1300 submitted. — Rod rhayslip.fineartstudioonline.com/event/148525/the-2021-american-impressionist-society-small-works-showcase <rhayslip.fineartstudioonline.com/event/148525/the-2021-american-impressionist-society-small-works-showcase>
>>>> Invitation to WAAL members
Central Ohio Plein Air invites all Ohio Artists to come paint with us. We will be starting our plein air painting season on March 6 at 8 am to noon. Location will be High Banks Metro Park just North of Worthington on Ohio St Rt 23. There is a map on the website Calendar Page www.centralohiopleinair.com <www.centralohiopleinair.com/>
Here’s a short video with sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cb57YG5Gcc
>>>> Members news
Dustin Dancing Hawk: I have just submitted my 1st entry in this great Exhibition! I DEARLY LOVE the RIFFE Gallery!
“ The Wizard’s Hour” ; Colored Pencil ; 14 1/2” x 21 1/4” ; $775.00 2nd to be “ Relict Reign” #6 in my “Eagles of the World” series; 18” x 24”
I just pARTicipatd in a critique with the Worthington Area Art League with this painting & I found a few spots where I can improve it a bit! By adding some touches of blue under the chin – along the neck feathers, and the neck feathers at the back of the neck just above the elbow of the wing, it will push those areas back a bit & add depth / dimension to the neck. It’s a simple thing & quickly done.
See attached images.
>>>> Riffe Gallery 2021 Biennial Juried Exhibition Call for Entry
2021bje.artcall.org <2021bje.artcall.org/>
>>>> News from Aida Garrity’s Studio
I hope this letter finds you well.
In this newsletter I wanted to show you some of the paintings that are part of my golf collection. I am in the process of painting more golf related paintings as well as some portraits and landscapes/seascapes that I will be showing in my future newsletters.
All of this work is also available through my website www.aidabgarrity.com <www.aidabgarrity.com/>
Thank you so much for your continued support and encouraging words!
www.aidabgarrity.com/dataviewer.asp?keyvalue=11879&subkeyvalue=150355&Page=ViewCollection&displayperpage=9999 <www.aidabgarrity.com/dataviewer.asp?keyvalue=11879&subkeyvalue=150355&Page=ViewCollection&displayperpage=9999>
>>>> Announcement from Katherine N. Crowley Fine Art & Design
Dear Friends, The latest issue of The Avant-Garde is ready to view. Since 2018, I have dedicated the February issue to artwork by African American artists in a collection of articles I call “Black Art History Month”. In this issue I address three contemporary artists and their work to represent, reclaim, and preserve an African American identity through art. I have complemented the issue with a series of 28 social media posts to Facebook and Twitter throughout the month of February. Each post contains a short biography, a link, and the hashtag #blackarthistorymonth. If you follow my social media pages you will read vignettes of the 28 artists.
Read The Avant-Garde: www.katherinecrowley.com/the-avant-garde/ <www.katherinecrowley.com/the-avant-garde/> Katherine N. Crowley Fine Art & Design on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/KatherineNCrowleyFineArtandDesign <www.facebook.com/KatherineNCrowleyFineArtandDesign>
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