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Now for the announcements.
>>>> A Message from the President
We are 6 months into our 2020-2021 season and a big congratulations is deserved to every single one of you. Roughly one year ago Beth Veldey and Joni Meeker made the difficult decision to move our interactions to a virtual platform. At the time, conducting a virtual meeting was new to almost all of us. Today we are not only conducting our monthly meetings online, we also hold board meetings remotely, present monthly critiques to advance our skills, and just this weekend we held our very first virtual exhibition opening reception and awards ceremony for our “Winter Show”. The “Winter Show”, which is beautifully curated by Beth Veldey, has already hosted over 400 visitors, and our reception welcomed attendees from Central Ohio, Cleveland, Youngstown, Charlotte, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and Cape Cod. With the early success of our “Winter Show” which runs through March 31st, we are looking into hosting future shows in this same manner. Here are a few more successes to celebrate: Beth Veldey and Ana Maria Atwood have been working to secure grant funding, move our organization to 501(c)3 status, and balance the books – we’ll keep you updated on our progress. Jane Moore has been taking minutes during our meetings – these documents will be made available on our web site under The League tab. Announcements like this one keep us connected through Chuck Zelms’s vigilant efforts – keep sending him your good news. We continue to show work publicly at venues around the community through the relationships that Janet Forbes-Green has built with area business owners – visit our website or contact Janet to schedule a solo show or a shared show with a friend. Justin Collamore and Rod Hayslip have been leading our monthly group critiques to help us improve our skills – join us to discuss your works in progress and see what others are working on. Sarah-Jane Workman has been keeping us informed of both in-person and online exhibits and artist talks in the Central Ohio area, as well as virtual exhibits across the country – check out a few and tell us what you think. We have expanded our web presence through Matt Anderle’s innovative approach – the website, and its capabilities, will continue to evolve. As you can see from this long list of successes, there are plenty of opportunities to become involved. Please reach out to any of our officers to take part in these offerings.
#ICYMI In Case You Missed It WAAL February Meeting with the Sarah Gromley Gallery Beth Veldey conducted a live interview with gallery owner Sarah Gromley of the Sarah Gromley Gallery in the Short North. She spoke of how she was inspired to open a gallery, gave advice to artists seeking gallery representation, discussed the hard work it takes to run a gallery, and shared some of the work of the artists she represents. A recording of our February Meeting (and all meetings that have taken place this season) is available to view on our web page at the following link. www.worthingtonareaartleague.com/recorded-meetings/ <www.worthingtonareaartleague.com/recorded-meetings/>
Monthly Critiques Several of works of art featured in out “Winter Show” had been discussed during one of our critiques. It is heartening to see that those discussions led to improvements in our members’ work that gave them the confidence to submit a piece to a judged show. Critiques take place via Zoom and last about one hour. Justin Collamore and Rod Hayslip have been leading the sessions. Our most recent critique took place on February 18th and the presented pieces will be shared through Facebook in the coming week.
Facebook Pages Official WAAL Facebook Page – where member news is shared with the public: www.facebook.com/WorthingtonAreaArtLeague <www.facebook.com/WorthingtonAreaArtLeague> WAAL Members Facebook Page – a private forum is available to connect with other members: www.facebook.com/groups/277138279141820 <www.facebook.com/groups/277138279141820>
Katherine N. Crowley President
Worthington Area Art League
>>>WAAL Winter Show – Live and the Winners are…
The show is open. The prizes have been awarded. Ribbons were placed in the virtual gallery. Please share the link with your friends and family. waal-winter-show <www.worthingtonareaartleague.com/waal-winter-show/>
The winners are… First Place – Jane Flewellen for Freesia Delight Second Place – Katherine Crowley for The Passing Storm Third Place – Ann Kete for Illuminated Walk Honorable Mention – Judy Anderson – Painting the Town Honorable Mention – Jeanie Auseon – Nothing Else Like It #2 Honorable Mention – Chuck Zelms – The Black Latch Honorable Mention – Dana Grubbe – Written in a Golden Splash Honorable Mention – Barbara Travalio – Coffman Park
Our judge, Joe Lombardo, provided his comments on all of the entries. His notes are attached.
See attached file: WAAL 2021 Winter Show numbers-comments.docx
>>>Future Shows
–Janet Forbes-Green is looking for one or two people who would like to display at Sunny Street Cafe starting March first. Please contact her at venues@worthingtonareaartleague.com <mailto:venues@worthingtonareaartleague.com>
—Quest – Janet is talking to Quest about a future in-person show and we will let you know if/when this gets scheduled.
–Virtual – WAAL’s virtual gallery has the capacity for for another show. If you would like to learn how to set up the virtual gallery, volunteer to be a show chair. Beth Veldey is working on documentation for how to set up a show and will tutor people who want to learn.
July 1 through August 31, 2021 – First Merchants Bank in Grandview July
>>>> Come Paint with COPA this SPRING
>>>> Meeting minutes
See attached for meeting minutes.
>>>> Art Community Items of Interest
See attached file WAAL 2-10-21.docx
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